Documentation for VSCP parts can be found is here.

Please join our mailing list at forum if you need help with VSCP & friends, have questions, ideas or if you want to take part in this work.

David Steeman has written many good VSCP articles on different topics that you can find at

Andreas Merkle have an alternative framework solution with a lot of nice features here. He also maintain an Arduino library here.

The black box and VSCP

One to unite them all

VSCP & Friends Presentation Eindhoven, Netherlands

Kurt Herremans has written a very good primer on VSCP (about the protocol part of VSCP & Friends - VSCP is much more than described in this paper). You can download it here in pdf format. It is excellent if you are new to the VSCP protocol. He has also made a very good video that show his initial setup with VSCP over CAN.

He also made a video about his Mr House to VSCP integration project

There is also a walkthrough video series on the VSCP works software

Part 1/3

Part 2/3

Part 3/3

This is a demo on VSCP daemon (server) functionality.

Demo of bootloading.

Demo of OHAS widgets.