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My name is Åke Hedman and I have been the main developer of VSCP since the project started 14:07 CET in August 28th 2000. Plus fourteen years is a long time being on the same project and I can assure you that many, many hours (to many to be counted) has been put into this project. Hours that definitely could have been used better to work for money instead. But if you have a vision as I had when the development started it is nice to see your thoughts being realized and for me there has not really not been an option to stop.

As always with open source projects it is hard to get others involved. Some people have done some nice contributions (see the VSCP team) and also some companies has made great contributions (see the sponsors page). The major investments both in equipment, time, material, communication costs etc. etc. has been payed by me and my company.

We need more of everything in this project. We need code contributions. Both high level code for major operating systems. There is a lot to do. Most work at this level is done in C++ using wxWidgest. We need to have JavaScript and php code written for the higher level interfaces. We need firmware code developed for many platforms and hardware developed. We need drivers for different automation equipment. And more, and more, and more.

We need hardware equipment. At the moment I have no access to any Android or IPhone hardware and is therefore unable to do any development on the platforms. This is true for many other platforms as well.

If you find this work interesting and useful please consider supporting the project. The best way to support us is to write code or documentation. Second best is to give us hardware and economic support. Contact me on Åke Hedman if you have questions, suggestions etc. You can find out more about me at my home page.

If you want to contribute money to the project please use the Paypal button below.

We/I will add sponsors to our sponsors page as a tribute to our supporters that makes it possibe to create the best automation platform available.