Very Simple Control Protocol
An open and free framework/protocol for IoT/m2m automation tasks.

About VSCP

VSCP stands for Very Simple Control Protocol. The word "Protocol" may be misleading. VSCP is much more and should probably be called a framework instead. VSCP is a highly scalable, a very low footprint, a free and open solution for

  • Device discovery and identification.
  • Device configuration.
  • Autonomous device functionality.
  • Secure update of device firmware
  • A solution from sensor to UI

Just as HTML is for browsing the Internet, VSCP is an application level protocol making things interact. It uses CAN, RS-232, Ethernet, TCP/IP, MQTT, 6LowPan or whatever as it's transport mechanism and work over cable and over the air.


There is plenty of documentation available for VSCP & friends.

The VSCP Specification describe and define all parts of VSCP, use it as your main reference.

The VSCP daemon document describes the daemon (server) which can be used on pc's running Windows or Linux and on smaller devices like the Raspberry Pi, Beaglebone Black, Carambola etc.

The VSCP Firmware document describes the official VSCP firmware and how to use it to build a hardware device. The VSCP L1 framework is a variant.

The VSCP helper library describes the C library available on Windows/Linux which export functionality that makes it easier to build higher level VSCP communication code.

VSCP Works is a general and diagnostic graphic tool that can be used to discover nodes, configure nodes, update firmware of nodes and a lot more.

The VSCP Wiki contains both software and hardware tips related to VSCP.

VSCP Specification  VSCP Daemon  VSCP Firmware 

VSCP L1 Framework VSCP Helper Library  VSCP works

VSCP Arduino  Wiki  Misc. docs 

Download VSCP

You can download VSCP for free for Linux and Windows from Sourceforge


Step by step instructions on how to set up the system on different platforms is here.

UiMagician (UI creator) made by Dinesh Guleria can be downloaded here.

If you want to develop your own VSCP hardware modules you can find firmware code and samples here. The Kelvin and the Paris modules are the main reference code for hardware developers. This is Microchip PIC18 based code but mostly general so it can be used as a starting point for other architectures as well. You find reference code for other processors in the firmware repository.


VSCP hardware is intelligent devices that implement the VSCP mechanism for discovery, device configuration and firmware update. As VSCP is an application level protocol this can be CAN-based, RS-232 based, Ethernet-based, Wifi-based or whatever based devices.

There is a lot of devices developed by the community and for most schema and firmware source is available. Grodans Paradis AB / Paradise of the Frog and 8Devices is currently the two sources for commercial modules.

Community modules  Paradise of the Frog  8Devices 

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